Change Your Relationship With Anxiety: Online Anxiety Course

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How’s your relationship with anxiety? Does it drive you crazy? Does it get in the way of living your life?

Do you get stuck worrying and feeling sick to your stomach or sweaty?

When you get all codependent with anxiety it can really mess up your life. 

Effects of Anxiety on Your Everyday Life

Have you ever had an uncle or coworker- the type who tried to convince you the world was flat or something? Maybe your relationship with anxiety is a bit like that. 

Here’s a scenario: (you- talking to someone) he pulls you over—

Uncle: hey, hey…Did you know that there’s going to be a massive cheetoh shortage and it’s going to send the markets into a great depression? 

You- no there’s not. 

Uncle- Yes, it’s a conspiracy of the great cheese barons, they want to increase market share but first they have to destroy coca cola and to do that they have to take out the potato farmers with cheese scented laser beams. 

 And if you try to debate him with facts, he only gets more persistent:

 You- That’s not a thing. Have you ever seen a cheese scented laser beam?  

Uncle: My friend who works the silos in Idaho heard from the governor that everyone who’s not eating Cheetos three times a day isn’t immune to the mind altering drugs they’re putting in our water.

You- If they were putting drugs in the water, surely it would show in wastewater studies and-

Uncle, eating cheetos messily, shushing you with a Cheeto dusted finge: Come here for a hug!

 Only with Anxiety, it sounds a little more like:

 Drunk Anxiety: Hey, hey…did you hear that everyone at this party is wondering why you’re here?

You: No, they’re not.

Drunk Anxiety: Yes they are! That’s why everyone’s whispering in the corners together and looking at you.

You: They’re probably looking at me because I’ve just dyed my hair and it looks really good.

Drunk Anxiety: Oh,,, I’m glad you like your hair…But I bet other people think it looks like mmm…I’d better not say…but I bet they don’t like it. 

You: Well, Sarah wouldn’t have invited me if she didn’t want me here.

Drunk Anxiety: Maybe she was just trying to be nice but hoping you didn’t come. 

You: Well maybe everyone is staring at me because I’m arguing with myself.

Drunk Anxiety, eating Cheetos messily, shushing you with a Cheeto-dusted finger: Come here for a hug!

Maybe your uncle, or in this case, your anxiety makes you so uncomfortable that you just stop going to parties. You stop seeing the people you love because you just don’t want to be around him (your uncle) or it (the anxious voice in your head). 

Maybe you’ve created a life where you avoid anxiety, but you’ve had to cut out a bunch of things because of that. 

Online Anxiety Course

Now, in this course, I’m not gonna promise you that your anxiety will go away or that you’ll magically never feel fear or worry again. But in 30 days you can learn to transform your relationship with anxiety.

Now, anxiety itself is not a disorder. It’s what we do with anxiety that determines the quality of our life.

When we believe the lies that anxiety tells us when we let it make choices for us, and when we let fear run the show, an anxiety disorder can make us miserable.

And when we struggle against it, when we try to like, force the anxiety to go away, it often gets louder.

So, like a relationship with that overbearing family member, I’m going to teach you the skills to set boundaries on your anxiety – like texting before dropping by.

Oh, wait, that’s for family. You’ll learn things like knowing what to say to anxiety, how to spend less time with it, and how to not let it bother you so much.

And as you build this healthy relationship with anxiety, you might even find that occasionally it has something good to say.

Not often, but occasionally it helps you just a little because anxiety serves a function. And learning how to relate to anxiety can give you back your life.

In this course, you’ll learn how to transform your relationship with anxiety. You’ll learn how to drop the struggle with anxiety and set boundaries on your worries so that you can decrease your worry by 75% or more.

You’ll learn how to stop overthinking and get back to enjoying yourself. You’ll learn how to handle that inner critic so that you can maintain your sense of self and you can let go of doubt and work through fears.

So, just like with that difficult family member, you can learn the skills to show your anxiety compassion, to listen to what it has to say but not believe everything it says, and to live your own life the way you choose – a life that you value that is rich and meaningful. 

Basically, you’re gonna learn how to be the Mahatma Gandhi of worry management: peacefully holding your truth, standing up to lies and oppression, and gaining independence from the trap of anxiety.

Change Your Relationship with Anxiety

In this course, you’ll learn 30 skills to have an entire toolbox of options for managing anxiety. And when you practice them, you can learn to take your life back.

So, here’s how the course works. I’ll be publishing all 31 main videos to YouTube, but you can watch the entire series with the extra skills, ad-free, with a workbook, with bonus resources and access to Q and A’s with me on my website.

I’m publishing one video per week to YouTube, but I’ll publish the videos to the online course as soon as they’re ready.

The first section is all about changing your mindset around anxiety, changing how you think about anxiety, learning how it works, what you’re doing that feeds it, and how to drop the struggle with anxiety.

Section 2 teaches you about the thinking patterns that you’re doing that make anxiety stronger and louder and, of course, how to adjust how you think, set boundaries on anxiety, and drastically decrease it.

And then in Section 3, you’ll learn how your nervous system’s response creates this feedback loop that either calms anxiety or exacerbates it.

You’ll learn how to lean into your sensations, lean into the wisdom of your body, and turn on its natural ability to soothe itself.

And then in the last segment of the course, you’ll learn how to take back the confident and meaningful life that you really care about.

You’ll learn how to get back to doing the things that you care about and bring back the joy and purpose that you used to have in life.

So, this section is all about moving in your valued direction. Now, this course isn’t just academic.

With each lesson, there are actionable skills and practical exercises to retrain your nervous system to be more resilient and centered. It’s like lifting weights for your calm muscle.

And as I said before, the course comes with a workbook, bonus lessons, Q and A’s, and lots of body-calming skills and resources to help you feel confident, to know what to do when anxiety does pop up, and how to set boundaries on it so that it doesn’t impact your life anymore.

Anxiety Doesn't Have To Run The Show

Everyone feels some anxiety, but you don’t have to let it run the show. You can really learn the skills to change anxiety.

So, here’s your first somatic skill. Let’s start by having you curl up. Put your head down, and shrink yourself down into a hunchy little ball like this.

And then say, “I can do this.”

Notice how that feels. Your body is sending the message to your brain that you’re actually not capable.

Now, put your shoulders back, chest out, chin up, and just say, “I can learn new skills. I can learn new things.”

Your body is sending you the message that you are competent, you’re capable to learn the skills to manage and work with your anxiety.

Now, I know you can do this. Let’s go.

If you want to break the anxiety cycle in 30 days, check out the lastest course below. 

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