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About Me

Hi there! My name is Amie Merz and I am a licensed counselor working in private practice in a town south of St. Louis, MO. I have worked in the mental health field since 1991 in many different settings with many different populations, including substance abuse, teenagers, homelessness, parenting, marital issues, anger management, and many others. I do this work because I love having the satisfaction of helping someone set a goal and achieve it. There is definitely tangible reward in this work.
In my personal life I’ve been married since 1995 and have two creative and adventurous sons. We live in the country and are blessed with supportive family and friends we love to spend time with.

My credentials:  MA, LPC, NCC, CASAC, ICAADC, SAP

My business website:


Comments on: "About Me" (4)

  1. I came upon this blog via my google tracker set to pick up mentions of my book, A Lethal Inheritance. I’m incredible touched by this post by Amie Merz and what has occurred in your community. I’ve linked my to it and encourage you to visit for more resources on teen mental disorders and avenues for family recovery.

  2. Dear Emma,

    I subscribe to your YouTube channel and have enrolled in one of your teachable course. I deeply appreciate what you do. It is helping me with my anxiety and panic. I recently watched your video asking for help/donations to support your efforts. I want to help. I can offer my time and skills to help however I can. I have an MBA with a diverse background in both public and private industries. Not sure exactly what help you could use but whatever I can help with I am happy to offer my time and skills.


    • emmamcadamlmft said:

      Hi Steve, thanks for reaching out, sorry to tell you but this isn’t my website-you can contact me at,

  3. Thiesset Catherine said:

    Hello Emma , I’m from France and in the Church and I was wondering if I could have a therapy with you through Skype or WhatSApp ? How much it would be for each talk and how could I pay.
    Thank you to let me know.
    Best regards, Catherine

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