PTSD Treatment Options: How to Find a Good Trauma Therapist

I’ve made a lot of videos about trauma and trauma treatment, so I get asked in a lot of emails this question: How can I find a therapist who does trauma treatment like you?  And it’s a great question, not because I’m the world’s best trauma therapist (that is not the case) but because when […]

How Trauma and PTSD Change the Brain

Traumatic experiences like abuse, assault, tragedy, or witnessing violence can leave people feeling constantly on edge. And PTSD can impact your emotions, your stability, and your relationships. Trauma can also have an impact on physical and mental health.  And these are really common experiences for many people. And they’re due in part to four ways […]

How to Release Trauma From Your Body

Trauma is very common. But despite how common it is, trauma treatment is complicated, and complex trauma, stemming from years of abuse, really impacts the brain in long-lasting ways. So I’m not going to pretend that I can just teach you how to fix it in one short blog post. But we can break trauma […]

How Trauma Gets Trapped in Your Body

Trauma is a mental injury, not a mental illness. But when that stress becomes chronic, it takes root in your body.  In the last post we talked about how stress hurts your body. In this post you’ll learn how trauma gets trapped in your body. We’re going to talk about ACEs and crocodiles and how […]