6 Therapy Skills to Stop Overthinking Everything

Hi, everyone. I’m Emma McAdam. I’m a licensed therapist. And in this post we’re going to be talking about how to stop overthinking everything. https://youtu.be/tK2LaefZcy8 Are you really good at overthinking? Your boss emails you. He wants to meet with you in two days. He doesn’t say why. Your heart drops. You feel sick. “What […]

3 Skills to Overcome Social Anxiety Post-Pandemic

In this post we’re going to talk about three ways to retrain your brain to get better at handling social situations and the social anxiety that comes with them. Let’s Talk about Social Anxiety! More people are feeling social anxiety than ever. The World Health Organization recently released a report stating that the COVID-19 pandemic […]

How to Stop Overthinking Part 1: The 4 Subconscious Reasons You Overthink Everything

In this video we’re going to talk about the subconscious reasons you overthink everything and how to catch yourself when you do it. This video is all about learning to recognize your thinking patterns, then in the next 5 videos in this series you’ll learn really practical skills to stop overthinking and rumination. https://youtu.be/Vz3PG1hjzC4 I […]

PTSD Treatment Options: How to Find a Good Trauma Therapist

I’ve made a lot of videos about trauma and trauma treatment, so I get asked in a lot of emails this question: How can I find a therapist who does trauma treatment like you?  And it’s a great question, not because I’m the world’s best trauma therapist (that is not the case) but because when […]

How to Deal with Anxiety: 5 Steps to Process Anxiety

Hi everyone. I’m Emma McAdam, a licensed therapist, and today you’re going to learn a step-by-step way to deal with anxiety. Anxiety can be really uncomfortable. It can mess with your life. And our natural tendency is to avoid stuff that makes us anxious, but that can make your life worse. So things like procrastinating […]

Daily Habits of Happy People: How to Be Happy (3/3)

I get tired of teaching people how to feel less bad. Because what you focus on you get more of. So if we spend too much time telling people how to overcome anxiety or depression, we basically tell our brains that anxiety and depression are really important and to pay more attention to those experiences. […]

How to Be Happy (2/2): Why American Self-Help Backfires

Today we’re going to be talking about how to be happier.  Researchers studied the questions “Does trying to be happy actually work? And if you decide to consciously work on being happier, would you actually be happier down the road?” And they asked this question in four different countries, and the results were really fascinating.  […]

How Trauma and PTSD Change the Brain

Traumatic experiences like abuse, assault, tragedy, or witnessing violence can leave people feeling constantly on edge. And PTSD can impact your emotions, your stability, and your relationships. Trauma can also have an impact on physical and mental health.  And these are really common experiences for many people. And they’re due in part to four ways […]

How to Be Happy Again (1/3): 4 Habits to be Happier in 1 Month

Trying to make yourself feel happy immediately usually backfires. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. You really can increase your happiness in life. This is a skill you can learn, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot because it seems like these last two years have sucked the joy out of life a […]

How to Find a Therapist – That you can afford

Therapy can be really expensive, so let’s talk about how to find a good therapist that you can afford. https://youtu.be/_hBoU3orCTg How to Find Free Therapy Near You Therapy can be really expensive. I’ve actually never been able to afford therapy until the last couple of years, and I know many people are in the same […]