Self-Compassion: How to Stop Beating Yourself Up

Today we’re going to talk about how to stop beating yourself up. Whether you made a stupid mistake, lost your cool with someone you care about, or you’re just a perfectionist with imposter syndrome, it’s easy to get sucked into the toilet hole of beating yourself up.  And then you do this ridiculous thing, which […]

How To Regulate A Dysregulated Nervous System

nervous system regulation

How to regulate a dysregulated nervous system is what this post is all about.  The other day in my live Q&A for my members, I was asked, “How can I get regulated again after getting dysregulated?” In this post, I’ll show you how.  Nervous System Regulation After Dysregulation What I assume that the person […]

How To Be Less Emotional : Black and White Thinking

Black and white thinking is one of the main causes of emotional reactivity. When you learn to follow one rule with your language, you can learn to be less emotionally reactive- in this post I’ll show you how.  What Is Black And White Thinking? When it comes to emotional reactivity, emotions are the match, […]

Atomic Habits for Mental Health

atomic habits for mental health

I love to give people tons of options to improve their mental health, but I know that this can be overwhelming. So in this post let’s talk about tiny yet powerful strategies that actually reward you for doing them. Let’s talk about tiny changes that take a few minutes a day to build atomic habits […]

The Surprising Way Alcohol Makes Your Brain More Anxious

alcohol dependence anxiety

Whether you or a family member has a problem with alcohol use, it’s important to know how it affects the brain and the practical steps you can take to escape the cycle.  But I am not a substance abuse counselor. It’s out of my wheelhouse. So I was super grateful when Amber Hollingsworth offered to […]

4 1/2 Ways to Improve The Brain Gut Axis

Every molecule in your brain once was on your fork. Your gut directly impacts your mental health. Read this post to learn four-and-a-half ways to improve your mental health by improving your gut health. Every molecule in your brain once was on your fork. Your gut directly impacts your mental health, from nutrient absorption […]

Misophonia, Phonophobia, and Hyperacusis: Auditory Sensitivity Overlaps Anxiety and Mental Health

noise sensitivity

There are at least three different types of sound sensitivities. And this matters because sound sensitivities sometimes co-occur with other mental health conditions like OCD, autism, anxiety, trauma, and sensory processing disorders.  So let’s talk about what the three conditions are, and then you’ll learn a little bit about what the treatment options are. […]

Repressed Memories, Dissociative Amnesia, PTSD, and the Memory Wars

trauma, repressed memories

Today you’ll learn three skills for better understanding lost memories, also known as dissociative amnesia or repressed memories. Or at least you’re going to learn my opinion about it.–dPi2EurM I had a ton of comments on my last video about how trauma messes with your memories, and a lot of the comments went like […]

How Genetic Is Mental Illness Actually? Heritability Estimates for Mental Health The Role Genes Play

mental health genetic

If one of your family members has a mental illness, does that mean you’re more likely to have it too? Can you inherit a mental illness from a parent?

In this video we’re going to talk about heritability estimates, what the research has to tell us about how much genes contribute to mental health. You’ll learn which disorders have the highest rates of heritability and how understanding this can help you make better choices.

Having a Panic Attack? Guided Walkthrough to Stop a Panic Attack

panic attack

If you’re right in the middle of a panic attack, this blog post is for you. I’ll walk you through how to know if it’s anxiety causing those symptoms and some practical steps to stop the panic cycle. Because you’re going to be okay. You are safe. How Do I Tell If I’m Having […]