Why Are Traumatic Memories So Different From Other Memories? PTSD Memory

ptsd memory

In this post we’ll talk about how PTSD and trauma change your memories and three things you can do to soften or treat traumatic memories and their painful symptoms. https://youtu.be/SRSOjYnFak8 When you have a traumatic experience, your brain physically changes in structure and electrical activity. And one of the big symptoms that we see with […]

5 Steps to Stop a Panic Attack

stop panic attack

This post is going to teach you the psychology behind calming anxiety attacks and give you a ton of tools to try so that you can create your custom plan to stop anxiety attacks. An anxiety attack, in my definition, is when you’re overwhelmed with stress, fear, or anxiety. You may feel panicky, or your […]

Postpartum Anxiety and Postpartum OCD

postpartum anxiety

Postpartum anxiety is super duper common. About one in five women experience heightened anxiety to the point of distress postpartum, and it can make a new mom feel like her world is falling apart.  Postpartum anxiety is not your fault, and it is treatable. So let’s talk about it and what we can do about […]

Catastrophizing: How to Stop Making Yourself Depressed and Anxious


Hi, everyone. I’m Emma McAdam. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist. And in this post we’re going to talk about catastrophizing, which is expecting the worst, and then I’m going to teach you three things you can do to stop catastrophizing. https://youtu.be/bS2LPNlO07s Late one night a man was driving along a dark rural road. […]

10 Best Trauma Books for Healing Your Past

trauma books

https://youtu.be/CEUtOtFQeBc Hey, everyone. I love to read and learn more about how to treat trauma and PTSD, so I thought I’d share my favorite trauma books to help you heal from trauma and PTSD. 1. Healing Trauma So here is my favorite PTSD book. It’s Healing Trauma by Peter Levine. Now, I often don’t have […]

Overthinking 4: Social Anxiety: “Why Did I Say That?!”


So you just got back from the party, and your brain is in full overdrive. You start thinking, “Why did she say that?” You try to read between the lines. “Is she mad at me? What did she mean by that? Was she joking or serious?” Or even more likely, you worry about something you […]

7 Signs You’re Not Dealing With Your Grief and Loss

process grief

What happens when you don’t process your grief? What happens when you avoid dealing with loss? In this blog, you’ll learn seven signs that you’re not processing your grief and three ways you can face your grief in small steps. https://youtu.be/l2mQlbka-Rg People say that time heals, but I would argue that it doesn’t — unless […]

How to Deal with Anxiety at Night: 2 Essential Skills

anxiety at night

Nighttime anxiety can be so painful, but you don’t have to just suffer. So let’s talk about two really powerful skills to turn down anxiety at night and sleep better. https://youtu.be/PdGsXnaukHA Anxiety at night can be brutal. You just want to lay down and rest, go to sleep, and your brain is like, “Hey, let’s […]

The 6 Most Common Types of Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are words or images that pop into your mind unwanted. And while intrusive thoughts can be really uncomfortable, you’re going to learn that they don’t mean anything about you. https://youtu.be/2gUwiYqG57Y A lot of people are afraid that they’re broken or disgusting if they have an intrusive thought. Like, check out this comment from […]

Depression Is Not Caused by a Chemical Imbalance

chemical imbalance

Depression is not caused by a chemical imbalance. That is the headline of the weekend. Or at least there’s no evidence backing the serotonin hypothesis of depression. Keep reading to hear my thoughts about this recent study. What Does the Study Say About the Chemical Imbalance Theory? So this is what researchers with the University […]