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New Year New Ideas

This is my first blog entry, not just of 2012 but ever! Have you ever had ideas floating around in your head and you just kept waiting to have the time to get them down on paper? Yeah that never seems to happen does it? Well this is the year I try to organize the therapy buzz churning around in my head and share it with others.
Every day I sit with great people and do my best to help them help themselves. Sometimes people ask me why or how I do it, isn’t it depressing? But it really isn’t. Counseling others allows me to offer resources and then watch as someone utilizes those resources and grows stronger and healthier. People thank me for my help but I always say with sincerity…you did all the work, I was just your cheerleader.
There are many people who feel alone in this world. As if they are the only one suffering with a particular problem. So often I wish I could facilitate people with similar concerns to meet up so they could say, hey you feel that way too? Because there are similar heartaches we all deal with, I find myself repeating many therapy suggestions that have seemed to work. THIS is the buzz in my head.
My intent with this blog is to organize the most common therapy advice ideas I say everyday and share them. It can be like going to therapy, without going to therapy. Kind of like, therapy in a nutshell.
I hope what I offer is useful to you. I appreciate you reading and I hope you feel free to share these ideas with others. Maybe we will all be healthier in the process.

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