Get Feeling Better and Better at Feeling
One Skill at a Time

At Therapy in a Nutshell, our mission is to help everyone struggling with mental health find growth, healing and happiness through small, simple skills. 

We create research-backed education in many formats including YouTube videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, free resources, and courses to make mental health accessible to all. Your brain is wired to change. Growth and healing are possible! Most people have just never been taught the skills to improve their mental health.

Core Values

Growth Mindset

Your brain is wired to change. No matter how much you are struggling, there is hope and healing. You can take control of your mental health. We desire to educate and empower people through simple skills to help improve their mental health.



Everyone deserves access to mental health, even if you don’t have the money or much time. Therapy can be very expensive and some resources are not easily available. That is why we make most of our content free, in the form of YouTube Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, and other resources.


We base our content on current research and strive to provide the best quality education and materials. We strive to make things easy to understand but full of value.


Facts and Numbers

1.1+ Million Subscribers on YouTube

200+ Videos

20 + Online Courses

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