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I hear more complaints about Valentine’s Day than any other holiday. People who are in a relationship complain about having to choose the perfect romantic gift. People who are not in a relationship say this day depresses them because it is a reminder they are alone. But I say, it’s just a day. It is what you make it.

In November many people use the month to list daily things they are thankful for. Why can’t we use February as an opportunity to list the things we love or the people we love, have loved, or who have loved us? There are no rules. Let’s create it how we want. Valentines doesn’t have to be about romance. Let’s make it be about appreciation, expressing affection for those we care about.

Go buy yourself a box of school exchange valentines. Or better yet, make your own. Write a short note on each, telling the people in your world that you love them, why you love them, what you love about them. Spend time expressing positive things to the people in your world who are probably tired of hearing negatives and could really use some positives.

I do heart Valentine’s Day, for some new good reasons.

Comments on: "I don’t heart Valentine’s Day" (2)

  1. I saw your link on Twitter and had to see what you had to say about this! 🙂 I heart Valentine’s Day too. I actually realized today that it is such a fun day to show how much you love the little people in your life, too. I had another idea to go with yours. If you are feeling sorry for yourself this month, go share some love at a nursing home or at Children’s Hospital in the Ronald McDonald room. (They are always looking for volunteers.) Maybe you’ll actually meet the man or woman of your dreams when you are out in the community doing something positive and sharing your love.

    BTW, I love you, Amie!

  2. I love you too Margo!!! And that was a great suggestion!

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